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NOTE: If you want to have your very own hot selling line of products ASAP (in just a few minutes!), but you don’t want to spend a ton of time, effort and money developing your own products, hiring copy writers and graphic designers…this just may be the most important letter you will ever read!


From: Michael Santiago
Location: Bergenfield, NJ

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

’m sure you have heard it before: “you must have your own products in order to make any real money on the internet” All the biggest names in marketing sell their own products, and in those products they teach the importance of having your own products!

And it’s true, having your own products is great. It gives you the flexibility to make money a lot of different ways. Information Sales Is Responsible For BILLIONS In Profits Every Year!

How Can YOU Profit Like Crazy From This For A Real Slice Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Cash Pie?

There're a number of ways, with the 'normal' methods being affiliate marketing, resale rights, content sites and eBay.

To take a quantum leap into success though, what you really need are YOUR OWN information products. This puts you into a position of power, with the power to profit wildly!

In fact I'd go so far as to say that you won't be able to hit your full money-making potential online unless you've at least...

ONE Hot-Selling Information Product Of Your Own!

I realized this early on, as did many marketers and 'gurus' you hear about, and built an information empire for riches beyond my imagination. There's absolutely no mystery about it - you need your own information products if you want to succeed wildly.

When you have your own info products you can:

Sell them on their own mini sites, and that is how you will make most of your money. But you can also…

Put together bigger more expensive information products out of the ones you already own (simply compile a few e-books together and you will have one huge info product you can charge hundreds of dollars for!)

Sell resell rights to your products. Resell rights are very hot right now, because most people simply don’t have the time, money and effort it takes to create their own products…and the best part is you can charge hundreds of dollars for resell rights!

Update and ad to your products if they become a little outdated so you can keep making money with them as long as you want.

Develop free online courses so you can collect thousands of targeted leads you can market to any time you want.

Cut up your already existing products and make smaller more targeted products out of them. You can either sell these on their own mini sites or even sell resell rights to other people!

When it comes to making money with your own products, the possibilities are endless! Of course, the easiest and most profitable way to make money with your own products is to simply sell them on their own mini sites. But it doesn’t have to stop there ;-)

But there is a problem:  developing your own products takes weeks if not months of research plus a lot of effort, dedication, money and time. And that’s just the beginning!

Because once you are done creating your own product, you will than need to hire a copy writer to write your sales letter ($1,000 and up) and hire a graphic designer to create your mini site ($200 - $500)…and after you do all that you will have one product of your own, just one. And that’s before you even start selling the product and see any profits from it!

Or if you don’t want to create your own product, you can do what the big names in internet marketing do: hire a ghost writer. But that is very expensive. You are looking at thousands of dollars for just one product and that is before you even hire a copy writer and graphic designer!

So what’s the solution? It’s really quite simple…all you have to do is simply skip that whole time consuming, back breaking and expensive step of actually developing your own product. So you can start making money right away instead of just thinking about it while breaking your back trying to create a product yourself.

And that is exactly what this letter is all about! Because I’m not going to teach you about all the different ways you can create your own products, I’m actually going to…

“Give You Private Label Resell Rights To 27 Already Made Highly Profitable, Hot Products…Complete With Professionally Written Sales Letters And Professionally Designed Customizable Graphics!”

That’s right! You are about to get your hands on 27 highly profitable, turn key online businesses that you can stick your name on and do anything you want to, just as if you had created these product yourself!

Once you get your hands on these HOT and highly profitable products, you will be able to…

Sell these amazing products almost instantly on their own mini sites. Each product comes with its own professionally written sales letter, graphics, complete sales pages and download pages. All you have to do is upload these instant online businesses to your web server and you’re ready to go!  

Change the products in any way you like! Each product comes in both PDF and MS word format. So you can start selling these products as is, or you can change them in any way you like (Change the title, ad text to it, take away from it etc.) before you start selling. 

Put your name on the products as if you were the author.  Finally, you can have your very own products with your name on them instead of someone else's.

Package these products in any way you like. You can sell these products on their own, or bundle them up in any way you please…it’s all up to you!

Combine them together to create larger more expensive products. You are free to do almost anything you like with the content in these great products. You can create bigger products, smaller more targeted products, free courses or anything else you can come up with.

Start your own affiliate programs and do Joint Ventures with other internet marketers. Doing JVs and having affiliates promote your products is how the biggest names in internet marketing make most of their money.

Print out any of the products you like and sell them as actual books and guides that need to be shipped to your customers.

And do pretty much anything else you could do if you had created these products yourself!

Here Is Exactly What You’ll Get:


Internet Marketing Ebooks

"Internet Marketing Guide"
"Search Engines Revealed"
"Traffic Strategies Revealed"
"Guide to Free Traffic"
"Launch Day"
"Marketing FAQ"
"Endless Supply Of Customers"
"Ezine Marketing"
"Internet Marketing Words and Phrases.."
"Niche Marketing Words and Phrases.."
"Auction Marketing Words and Phrases.."

Info Product Creation Ebooks

"Create Your Own Ebook"
"Ebook Marketing"
"Resale Rights Profits"
"How to create your own Internet TV Show"

Making Money Online & Affiliate Ebooks

"Adsense Empire"
"Adsense Revealed"
"Podcasting For Fun & Profit"
"Start a Profitable Membership Site"
"Article Cash"
"PPC Profits"
"Newbies Fortune"
"Internet Riches in 30 Days"
"Master Affiliate Marketer"
"Affiliate Success Roadmap"

Niche Ebook Packages

"Super Strategy Poker Guide"
"Party Traveling"
"Healthy Computing Tips"



As you can see, the above products are all targeted at HOT and extremely profitable markets. These are NOT some crappy eBooks about "grooming your pet zebra’s tail" or some other unpopular and almost not existent niche. 

All twenty seven of the products above are targeted at extremely HOT, popular and profitable niches. So you will have NO trouble finding eager to buy customers for any one of the twenty seven products above!

And the best part is…

You Get Private Label Resell Rights To These 27 Amazing Products!

So YOU CAN sign your name as the author, edit the products in any way you like, sell resell rights, create bigger more expensive products and pretty much anything else you want to do with these products!

But you get A LOT more than just Private Label Resell Rights. That’s why I keep referring to these products as complete, ready to go businesses you can stick your name on…

Here Is Exactly What Each Of The twenty seven Instant Online Businesses Comes With:

  Professionally written sales letter that lists all of the benefits and reasons to buy these great products (You can change these sales letters just as easy as you can the products them selves and in any way you like)
  Professionally designed graphics (eCovers for the main products and bonuses, plus headers, order buttons and complete mini site designs)  
  Layered Photoshop source files for all the graphics so you can customize the graphics in any way you like.  That’s right, not only do each one of the twenty seven instant online businesses come with top notch, polished professional graphics…these graphics are also customizable!  (This means you can stick your name on them and change them in any way you like)
  Fully put-together and complete sales page so you don’t have to do anything except upload these sales pages to your server, stick your name on the products and start making money…It can’t get any easier than that!
  Hands free automatic Thank You / Download page that your customers can simply be forwarded to right after they make their payments so you don’t have to constantly send download info to your customers.

Because every single product comes in both PDF and MS word documents there is really no limit to the different ways you can make money with the twenty seven businesses included in this amazing package!  (You can cut them up, repackage them, sell them with resale rights, etc.)

And because every one of the twenty seven businesses comes with sales letters and graphics that you can easily change, you can either start selling these products as is and be up and running by tonight…

Or you can make each one of these businesses truly your own by signing your name as the author, changing the sales letters, the products themselves and even the customizable graphics

With all that said, you’re probably thinking…

How Much Is All This Worth?

Well, you do get a lot of stuff! So, lets add everything up:

The going rate for a hot in-demand ebook is about 500-1000 USD on freelance sites such as elance or guru.com. Let's just take the conversative figure of $500 per ebook.

That would make this package equal to $13,500 in total costs if you'd had these same ebooks written by freelance writers. And that is a fair estimate of what 27 online businesses would cost.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you over thirteen thousand dollars for this incredible package. I’m not even gong to charge you half, or even one forth of what it would cost you to put this package together yourself...because if I did, this wouldn't be the deal of a life time!

How much is it!? It's a crazy deal but only for a limited time:

You get everything you see above for only $67/month!

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Yes! I want to completely skip the hard and expensive step of developing my own info products by ordering this incredible package which includes:

27 Ready to go products that come with Private Label Resell Rights and will be given to me in both PDF and MS Word format so I can change them any way I want!

Professionally written sales letters, so I don’t have to spend weeks learning how to write and writing sales letters or spend thousands of dollars on hiring a copy writer.

Highly polished, completely ready-to-go graphic bundles which include: eCovers, Headers, Order Buttons and Backgrounds!

The Layered Photoshop Source Files  graphics included in this amazing package for most of these ebook packages. These will allow me stick my name on the eCovers and Headers, change the titles on the graphics or even change the graphics completely in any way I want!

27 Hands free download pages with download instructions, so my customers can simply be automatically forwarded to these pages.

Monthly updates with new products that we acquire Master Private Label Rights to

And I realize that I will be getting everything above for only $15,796 $67/month!


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To Your Profit-Making Success,


 Michael Santiago

 Anthony Santiago


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